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Morgan’s Mango
Cruz Bay
Cruz Bay, St John , USVI

Here at Morgan’s Mango, we reflect the relaxed life of the islands while providing delicious cuisines of the Caribbean. We’re family-owned and operated, and there to greet everyone as they walk through the door! We have a very cool and relaxed vibe that is very conducive to our beautiful surroundings. The food itself is a delicious melting pot of Caribbean seafood, Cuban, burgers, New Orleans cuisine, etc. We also offer wonderful tropical drinks and an extensive wine list! Come check out some live music throughout the week as well!


Established in 1993.

Here at Morgan’s Mango, we try to reflect the life of the islands – a place of dazzling light and color, tropical breezes and starry nights. We’re a relaxed and sensory experience. By joining us, you will share in the culinary history of an island world crowded with so many wonderful cultures that it takes your breath away. Our food covers many Caribbean cuisines: Creole, Bahamian, Cuban, Jamaican, Haitian, Puerto Rican and Mayan. All of these cuisines have been influenced by the original inhabitants of the islands: the Arawak and Carib Indians, as well as the Africans, East Indians and Chinese who arrived later. Add to these the foods of the Spanish, French, British and Danish settlers, and you have an incredible melting pot of ethnic and classic cuisines. Hence Cuisines of the Caribbean, a neo-Caribbean experience conveying the juice and jazz of the islands – a carnival of flavors and lifestyles.