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High Tide
Cruz Bay
Cruz Bay, St John , USVI

Like the waves that crash on our beaches, our islands are full of people that come and go. Like the boats that leave our docks filled with guests that want to stay, our gates wave goodbye to friends who want to remain for one more drink, one more bite of the best the ocean has to offer, or one more minute of closing their eyes and smelling the salt in the sea and listening to the caress of the ocean against the sand. We know your time here is precious, everyone comes here to escape, to go on adventures with people they love the most. Here, we make it our vocation to help you experience the best of what the Virgin Islands has to offer. Our chefs have mastered both local and international cuisine, bartenders have figured out the best way to put spirit in our spirits, and all of our staff is happy to see you. Honestly, we think there’s no better backdrop to relax with friends or family, close that business deal, or even make the life-long commitment to the person you love the most. We’ll see you when the tide comes in.