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Cinnamon Bay Trails
We really enjoyed this winding trail through a sugar factory ruin and on into the woods. The plaques were well written and the whole thing was very w […]
Francis Bay Trail
Nice easy trail for a group of various skill levels with great view,s cool ruins, and history. You will likely see stilts and some plovers in the lak […]
Johnny Horn Trail
Beautiful views at the end. I found this trail to be pretty challenging. Lots of loose gravel and rocks. I recommend starting at sunrise to avoid the heat.
Lind Point Trail
The lookout point is gorgeous. The hike is through the trees so it's cooler than other trails. It goes right to 3 other beaches which are some of my […]
Petroglyph Trail
Portion of the Reef Bay Trail just leading to the petroglyphs (which are incredible). Highly recommend continuing on to the Sugar Plantation ruins do […]
Reef Bay Trail
Trail is mostly shaded and there are really interesting ruins and petroglyphs to see. It is the most interesting hike on the island and definitely wo […]
Caneel Hill Trail
There are two major inclines and they’re pretty tough. Somewhat rugged, steep climb. Amazing views and a great workout!
L'Esperance Trail
The hike proved an interesting combination of looking at colonial history and seeing the transitional environment. This hike will bring you face to f […]
Ram Head Trail
What a great hike with spectacular views! A must for the adventurer when on the island. Wear good shoes, bring water and hold on to your hat. Don’t f […]
Tektite Trail
Lovely hike - Stunning views - well worth going out to the cliffs. Not much shade on the trails.
Yawzi Point Trail
Quiet trail leading to quiet bay views nearby to a lovely beach. There are some places you can jump in the water here for a snorkel.
Annaberg Sugar Plantation
Good ruins with interesting placards and info. Some areas off limits for whatever reason and some nice views from the elevated position. Can be diffi […]